Possible sick Male Veiled


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Chameleon Info:
My Chameleon - Male,Veiled, about 4-6 months of age.

Handling - I usually have him running around the living room almost everyday for about 30 min to an hour

Feeding - He will only eat crickets, I've tried feeding him meal worms, but he refuses to eat them

Supplements - I use a gut load provided by the pet store I frequent

Watering - I mist him many times a day to make sure the humidity is 60% or higher

Fecal Description - Normal, brown and white. never tested for parasites.

History - He has always been an active climber

Cage Info:
Cage Type - Aquarium for now. Hoping to get a better screen cage for him when he grows

Lighting - reptilight 5.0 for UVA/B

Temperature - About 80 degrees in the day and about 65 to 70 degrees at night

Humidity - Stays at about 60% or higher

Plants - no live plants, just fake ones

My chameleon has been lying on the floor of his cage during the night mostly for the past few days but has now started doing it in the day. He is still eating and drinking the way he should be and his color is not off. He has his eyes wide open and looking around even when he is on the ground, but I am still very concerned due to the fact that I know they are supposed to be active climbers and he has always been one. I am very worried and will be calling a vet tomorrow, but I was hoping to get some opinions by tonight.
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