Possible problems with Female Vieled!


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For some strange reason she's started to act a bit wierd! As she walks along the vines, branches or logs it looks as if she's having trouble with her sense of direction! Everyone knows that Chameleons walk slowley most of the time but she is taking extra time and making several attempts to try and grab the branches etc, sometimes missing them all together!

She's still eating and drinking which is a good news!!!

I'm wandering is she's got bone disease or something???!!! :(

Has anyone else experienced this and if so is it bad news? Is there anything I can do to help her?


I've had her since end of July and she was about a month old then so I'm guessing she's a little older than 6 months!


I feed her crickets, meal worms, Locusts that have been fed (gutloaded) with greens such as lettuce, tomato, cucumber, grapes, apple, carrot.... All coated in calcium powder nearly evertime to ensure she gets enough calcium in her diet.


At the moment I have a Repti Glo 10.0 UVB and a 60W Basking lamp due to it being quite cold sometime this time of year. I will reduce this to a 40W bulb in the summer to control the heat in the Viv. (The UVB strip bulb is placed length ways across the Viv above on the opposite side to the basking bulb and heat mat)
Both lights are on timers which are set to come on and turn off at certain times to ensure shes gets enough UVB and heat at all times.


I have a heat mat that lays underneath the basking lamp. She normally goes two and from to control her own body heat. Sometimes she'll move to this area and bask under the lamp on the branches.

Water / Humidity:

I currently spray the Viv everyday about two or three times to keep up the humidity. I sometimes use tap water and bottled water. I have water softner / treatning solution that the pet shop provided me with which I add to the spray bottle and drinking water I fill the fountain up with (Before anyone says it and too everyones disgust, yes I have a water fountain which she normally drinks from) This is cleaned thouroughly on a regular basis in boiling hot water with a scrubbing brush to ensure no bacteria forms insided the fountain and I have no real problems up until now.

Unfortunately due to the hours I work, the location of the Viv and type of Viv I cannot have a dripper which would be more ideal but the water would simply dry up and she may go thirsty! This is why I have a fountain.

I Hope all this helps and someone will have an answer...

Any feedback will be appreciated.

are u sure she isnt "leaf walking" mine do that all the time which i guess looks like they are trying to grab the leafs and vines and stuff? also you probly only need a 5.0 uvb bulb.
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