possible mbd starting?


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ok guys so I think he is starting to develop mbd based on his little humps on the front legs. His tail is also fat in the back if you guys can tell me what that is....kinda like very fatty at the beginning then turning normal. Maybe I am panicking can someone tell me how he looks health wise in general? sorry just woke him up lol....thank you:confused::confused:


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from what i can see id say your boy is just muscular... mbd is where extra joints/ bones curve annd deform. looks like he is just a well fed cham.
Wow hes nice, What's his supplementation schedule?
I gutload the crickets with a various diet of veggies and fruits atleast 24hrs before and dust d3 once every 2 weeks...I also feed him super worms with heads bitten off ofcourse and mix in some horn worms and meal worms as treats to be honest I dont put as much effort as I should so thats why I wanted to make sure hes fine :rolleyes:
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