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I've been worried about my baby girl veiled. She hasn't had much of an appetite and I rarely see her drink.
I was very happy b/c the day before yesterday she ate 5 crickets and took some water from the dropper I use.
But then yesterday she didn't eat anything! and I didn't see her drink either. Also I don't think she pooped.

This morning she is awake (and going around in circles - does anyone else cham do this?)

She just pooped... it was all white and yellow - no brown. is that bad?

and then she turned very patterned and is walking around.

any thoughts??

She may be gravid and ready to lay her eggs, you should provide an egg laying box, consisting of a mix of sand and vermilicite(I think) that is damp enough that if she digs a diagonal hole, the hole wont cave in on her. I know there is somewhere that describes this better. Good luck. Also that may be why she isnt eating and going around in circles.
really?! gravid?
but she is just a baby? We just got her about 3 weeks ago. I really don't know how old she is but she's very tiny and she's about 2.5 inches (not including tail).

also, today she ate 3 crickets in the morning and drank some water, and then at about 6pm she ate 4 more crickets!
I'm not sure exactly how old she is. We got her on the 9th of April as a baby. We got her at a pet store and forgot to ask how old she was.

Also, yesterday she ate a total of 9 crickets and she drank also.
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