It's taken my boyfriend a lot of convincing but I've finally decided to check out some podcasts and I don't totally hate them. Haha. I just thought I'd ask and see if there are any good cham podcast out there that any of you guys enjoy?? Also what platform do you find them on? I have Stitcher right now on my android and I found a couple but they seem a bit outdated. I'm open to other platforms though. Let me know if there are any you guys love. Thank you!:D
Here's their website, where you can listen to them. They're also on Stitcher and most of the major podcast apps!
Yep! Bill's podcast is the way to go. It's an absolutely fantastic program and one of the key reasons I started keeping lateralis

That's actually what I was already listening to!! I love it so far. Thank you guys! (y) Let me know if you have favorite episode that I should listen to first or if there's one that sticks out in your brain. I clicked on the feeding one first and i'm so sucked in and so intrigued! This is great stuff! My Armand looks pretty interested too.... ok maybe not, but still. hahaha:p
@Jordanworks479 when you first considered getting a Cham, did you ever think you would find yourself on the internet screaming “my favorite episode is gutloading” to a group of strangers and none of them thinking it weird!?

... the places we find ourselves on this journey!...

So so so so true!!! I think i'm in the right place though. Never been very mature. Every single time I see the poop thread I giggle. I have to remind myself daily that i'm almost 24 and some things shouldn't be funny anymore... at least in public.:p
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