Please watch these Pinch Points on the Exoterra Vivs


I am a new member and this has probably been posted before, but please, please watch for these pinch points on the Exoterra terrarium glass doors. The power and mechanical advantage when quickly closing the door could easily shear off the hands or feet of your beloved cham. I sure hope this never happens to anyone. They are so easy to miss, especially when you are in a rush, and your food dish is close to the hinge like in my viv.
Exoterra Pinch Point.jpg


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Good reminder! Those pinch points can also pose a threat to plants near the front of the enclosure (although this is obviously way less important than your chameleon's extremities). I've severed a good handful of fern fronds from being too quick to shut the doors. Those areas are great for glass-climbing or flying insects to escape through, too. My orchid mantis always tries to make a run for it through that gap when I open the door
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