Please tell me if this is a male or female!


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So I have a chameleon, I am pretty sure is a male. But going back and forth with now, because my husband called saying he/she is digging in the dirt....


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Im new at this chameleon owning but from what I know is that in order to sex a chameleon you can tell by the two back legs, the male veiled have an extra support on their two back legs like an extra nail for when they are mating and females don’t, if you could provide a picture of it’s two back legs that would be better


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He is digging because he wants out. Males need a large cage because they like to roam. From the pictures your cage looks too little for a male his age. What is the size of his cage? It should be a large or extra large screen enclosure. It also looks like he may need more hiding spaces.

I just ordered a much bigger cage! Should be here Thursday! ❤️
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