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So I'm a mommy to a new Chameleon. Completely unplanned. Here's the story:

The pet store I usually used for my dog's special food closed down out of the blue. just one day all boarded up, ect. Luckily I didn't run out of food for him, and decided to ask around at work to see if anyone knew where I could purchase it. Finally, someone at work knew at once what I needed, and told me where to go. So today, I set off for the new pet store not too far away from home. I walked in, found the food almost immediately, and I was walking toward the register, a little green thing caught my eye. When I realized what it was, I was shocked. This little Chameleon was by himself, in a tiny tiny tank and a few crickets. No heating lamp, no branch, no plants, nothing. just the Chameleon and crickets. I asked the salesperson if this Chameleon was being changed into a different tank and was just getting ready for the move. Nope, she assured me that that infact was his tank and has been in there for quite a long time. Now, being me, the girl who rescued 8 iguanas from a street fair in those little plastic fish tanks, knew this wasn't right. As I looked at him closer one of his little eyes looked at me. That's it. I had to buy him. I thought I could at least purchase everything he needs and make him comfortable at home. None the less, the salesperson knew nothing of what I needed. Luckily I have past with Reptiles, and picked up a 10 gal tank (which I'm going to change as soon as a our new pet store in town opens with the mesh type of enclosure), a basking lamp & blub, flooring, crickets and a spray bottle. Then as I was about to place all my things on the counter I picked up a pump that makes a mini waterfall in his water dish, since I thought I read somewhere that they don't drink still water? I hope I'm correct. I'm really trying on this little guy, and I hope he makes it. I really need help on what I need for him/her. His left eye seems swollen, I'm pretty nervous about that. Even though he wasn't planned, and he's brand new to me, I love him! I'm not even sure as to what breed he is. Anyone have a clue? And thanks alot to the people who respond. :eek:


Note the swollen eye. :(

(edit) I just searched the gallery, he looks like a Graceful Chameleon?
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do you have a uvb light I was told to get a zoo med reptisun 5.0 or 10 and what do you have for the flooring? I was also told not to have anything on the bottom. Some people warned me about reptibark the chameleon can eat it and get an obstruction. if you email me at [email protected] I have a care sheet for veiled chameleon which has some great information on it.
Good luck, Amy
Hey Chrissy, I'm not sure what kinda Chameleon that is. But if his eye looks bulged out, he could be trying to clean it, this is fairly normal in Chameleons. You also don't need any kind of substrate on the bottom. Chameleons are tree dwellers and will usually spend most of the time in the tree. It will make it easier to clean the cage out with no substrate, no bacteria can grow, and your Cham wont eat it. Also its better to buy a screen cage, not a reptarium (mesh cage) since the Chams nails can get caught in the mesh, crickets could get out, and its hard to see the chameleon too.

Hope this helps :D
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