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Hi there I am based in Nottingham, UK and hadca 2 month male chameleon for just over a week. He is very tame and shows now sign of stress while being handled.

Last Tuesday I noticed his left eye was sporadically closing while the right stayed open. I thought at first it was dehydration but it isnt and was confirmed by a herp vet. I thought it could be photo keratin conjunctivitis. I have an Exo Terra Compact top with space for three bulbs. The bulbs I was recommended was a reptile UVB100/Tropical Terrarium bulb and a REPTILE UVB150 / DESERT TERRARIUM BULB. These were place in the compact top on top of the mesh of a Natural Terrarium Large/Tall90 x 45 x 60 cm / 36” x 18” x 24” . Also on top of the mesh is an INFRARED BASKING SPOT in a GLOW LIGHT / PORCELAIN CLAMP LAMP + GLOW REFLECTOR. all products are Exo Terra. He used to climb up onto the mesh and bask under the UVB 100. which I have no control over when not in the house. I think he got UVB when doing this. I have turned the UVB bulbs off for a couple of days as two day wont do much harm. Kept the basking light on 30c.

Pascal is rubbing his eyes on branches. I mist three times a day. He has a drip which i've seen him use. Poos are fine.

So last night I tried giving hime a very gentle rain shower with my mister to see if he'd like it for his eyes. He went dark green and went to his sleeping spot and closed both eyes. He has been the same this morning. Falling asleep. Not opening his eyes. Cant see to walk if he doesnt open his eyes. I am now wondering if he is in the high-level stress stage.

I am doing everything to look after this veiled chameleon and cannot stop crying that he seems unhappy.

I was given some eye drops and anti-inflammatories by the vet for the original lefy eye problem but i'M thinking these are really not needed.

If anyone can help I would be so appreciative. I just want my healthy baby back and to have his eyes open.

Thank you.


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You can do something about him climbing on the roof too close to the bulb when you are out of the room, raise the bulb up, put some blocks under it, not much a few inches maybe. We need you to post pics of your Cham, the setup, and all bulbs and fixtures your using. I think you have a lot of overkill on the UVB production but need the light info to confirm.

What was the vets diagnosis? He gave you anti inflammatories to treat the symptoms but did he give you any advise on how to fix the actual cause of the problem?


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If I read correctly you have a UVB 10.0, if so for what size of cage you have that is way too much. A 5.0 would better suit you
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