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Hi, this is going to sound like a really stupid question, but im going to ask it anyway. i heard that if you play music, particularly classical music, to a growing plant, it grows healthier than one which is just grown. so all im wondering would is if that be true for the chameleon?

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its not a dumb question, when I had a really sick rescue, I would talk to her, and I also played "the rain forest" for her- then I was told they dont have ears - :p but they do have inner ear structure ? , and can maybe "feel" the music - maybe one of the vets can explain it better- or another member who better knows anatomy , but it seemed to make her happy ( or me happy :rolleyes:), and ears or not, I talk to my chams anyway :D


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Chams can 'hear' vibrations so definitely don't play anything too loud or with too much bass. I doubt they will care about the music.

I play guitar with full treble and he doesn't care, but when I turn up the bass he starts crawling around and giving me stink eye.

Also I read somewhere the heavy vibrations hurt them so I would advise against loud stuff.

Rule of thumb- if you can feel the music with your feet through the ground, it's too loud for cham


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Don't know.... But if I had to guess that if someone needed to play music for the Cham(to see if it made it happy:)) it should be started on a baby so it would be used to it. The high notes and deep base notes...

Our Chams started as babies and grew up with the kids being loud and LOTS of running around(cages were put in family areas on purpose to get the Chams used to small children), now the Chams could care less about noise and major activity. Sometimes I hold one for inspection and sometimes a small child will run up scratch its neck(under chin) or rub its back, the Chams never flinch, turn away, or show any signs of stress. The spoiled lizards could are less...

My wife and I joke that they are to friendly:D:D:D

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Sound IS vibration so................ :rolleyes: that answers that.

Just keep in mind that a big reason classical music has been found beneficial to plants is because of their millions of years of exposure to sound in the high frequencies of the rainforest...........frog calls, bird chirps, crickets...combined with deep sound of wind, rain, rivers, waterfalls, thunder, etc. Sound in nature & in classical music is quite interesting when you really look into it.

Classical of any form (not just Debussy and Mozart....also think Ravi Shankar, Louis Armstrong, even classical Chinese) are all, IMO, the natural song of mankind. The rest of nature may appreciate our best of sound just as much as we appreciate the songs of a bird.


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Chams, like many other herps may not have external ear structures to focus or direct sound, but they are sensitive to low frequency sound. I doubt they can detect higher frequencies much at all so much of any music you happen to play won't do much for them. The music they may be sensitive to is going to be the bass parts or if something is played loud enough to vibrate structures...and that's not good for other things!
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