play in the tree, and kiss the sun goodnight

little leaf

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LOL - he is so goofy, a real sun lover - here he is ( still NO name for this poor guy :eek: ) as the sun set, he kept creeping further out on the branch to stay in the sun AND, he is getting some blues on him :D and a few shots of him playing in the tree, & on the 4 wheeler ( a country cham can survive - :p )
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he will climb on anything - and then LICK it ! he is always licking me :p it feels strange !! LOL

Cheryl do not let that sweet guy on the 4 wheeler, that MIGHT:rolleyes: need a bath. Poor baby giving him dirt to eat.:confused: He is looking great, and the tree is awesome.


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I have a little tree in my yard that I could let my guyz play on too, but
I will need get a ladder and trim the top as it is a bit too tall.

That's a wonderful idea, their own little tree :)


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He's a very handsome boy and looks like he is having a blast. My guys all love the outside too. After all what's more natural for them than a little of freedom outside. When we are watching of course.
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