Dwarf umbrella (schefflera arboricola)

My cham loves it, I have a few vines that go through it and this is his sleeping spot 90% of the time. If you get one, I recommend good lighting as mine started losing leaves due to lack of light. This what I just bought and it is responding well :

Here's where I bought the plant:
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I would elevate the plant in the cage so the top of the bush is in the top half of the cage, your branch and vine support engineering is very impressive!!!!
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@RyanBRZ That is a beautiful dwarf Umbrella. I have not been able to find anything larger then little 7 inch tall ones locally. Thanks for the link. I did find a huge pothos that has vines that are 6 foot long to incorporate into my new enclosure.
My chams, males, never go to the bottom, they stay in the top half, during the day, they sleep mid viv towards the bottom, thats why I mentioned elevating it, I don't know your temps, I don't want to give bad advice
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