Plants and mist


What plants do you recommend for veiled chams? Also, how often should a mister run for a juvenile and do I continue to keep the mister on throughout the night? I’m reading all different things to do for a mister. Is it a good idea to have both a fogger and a mister?


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  • schefflera arboricola, ficus benjamina, ficus allii, and pothos are the most common ones
  • Mister should be run several times a day (at least 3, preferably more) for no less than 2 minutes, because it takes time for your chameleon's drinking response to initiate. One misting of 5 minutes a day is also recommended, especially in the morning to jumpstart their hydration
  • Absolutely no mister on at night, ever.
  • Foggers are more useful for nighttime use, but depending on your humidity you likely don't need one. Veileds have lower humidity requirements than Malagasi chameleons
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