Planto-Garden Flece Blanket Material

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A friend of mine uses this on her plants, and the packaging claims it lets air, light, and water through.

I thought it might have an application in chameleon keeping.

The main part that caught my eye, was that it lets light through.

Has anyone heard of this stuff?

Bio Garden Fleece

Natural "climate control"

For covering vegetables, lettuces, herbs, strawberries and other plants that grow close to the ground.
Effective frost protection: A thin sheet of ice will form on the PP fleece and the cold is kept off.
Healthy growth: Pests are kept out too, without the need for any chemicals.
Natural micro-climate: The PP fleece lets in light, air and water and at the same time protects the plants from heat, wind or driving rain.
Speedy growth: These ideal conditions can bring your harvest forward by at least 2 - 3 weeks.

Solid Snake

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Also, for those that keep montanes outside during the winter, or near winter.

It may give some more leeway towards whether or not they have to bring them inside, or when.
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