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We have had this plant for probably 10 years and were thinking the new chameleon would be able to go for a little climb on it once and awhile. My husband thinks it's a fig tree, not sure though. Let me know what you think. is this a safe tree for him to climb on.


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It looks more like some type of ficus which are safe. I had a fig tree once and it did not look like that. The leaves were more rounded and a had different sections almost like a four leaf clover. There may be different variations of figs also. Did it ever grow any figs? Is that why you think it is a fig tree?
Not sure why he thought it was a fig, as it has never grown figs. A friend of mine also thought it was a ficus. Thanks for input.
I heard that ficus trees were fig trees, but not all bear fruit. Kind of like mulberry trees, there are fruitless varieties.
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