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ok im building a cage this weekend and I am going to be introducing live plants...I would like to know what is the safest,least maintanace plant for my jackson to climb on and some safe "short "plants for the bottom of the cage(by short i mean never get taller then 2')...this would help a bunch

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If I were you, I wouldn't put any plants on the bottom of the cage that are 2" tall. First of all the chameleons can't climb on them. It also makes cleaning WAY harder. Try to keep the bottom as least cluttered as possible. I like the pothos and shefflera (sp?) plants the best, but others like the ficus and hibiscus as well.

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I use Ficus Benjamina, Dracaena Marginata, Dracaena fragrans (Corn plant), Hibiscus, Monstera Deliciosa (cut-leaf philodendron) and Aspidista Elatior (Cast Iron plant) for "tall" plants in my cages. For bottoms, I like Elkhorn, Staghorn and Bird's Nest ferns, Coleus, and smaller pottings of Ficus, vining Pothos and Grape Ivy, Spider plants, and smaller, younger Dracaenas and Hibiscus.
And as RESguy posted, check out the plant list Brad has supplied right here!
quick question

when re-potting store bought plants, do I need to take all the soil out from in between the roots and whatnot? or just loosen it up and make sure everything is covered with the new soil?

I have a pothos in my cage for my veiled. However the cheap plastic pot is ripping so id like to repot it. Just curious how you guys go about hanging yours? I have one of those reptibreeze screen cages. The screen doesnt seem strong enough to hang anything that heavy. Pictures would be lovely! Thanks!
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