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Discussion in 'Enclosures And Supplies' started by ridgebax1, Dec 27, 2013.

  1. ridgebax1

    ridgebax1 Established Member

    Hoping someone can help ID these two plants. I was shopping for new plants for Omar and these two caught my eye. Of course there is no ID on the pots:mad: If they come out upside down I am not sure why! I took them with my phone and sometimes that happens. I can take more if they would be of help.

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  2. qdude46

    qdude46 Member

    I'm pretty sure the first one is Selaginella kraussiana variegatus (frosty fern.)
  3. ridgebax1

    ridgebax1 Established Member

    That is exactly what it is so the next question is... Is it chameleon safe? Anyone have any thoughts on the second one. It almost looks like a kind of baby tears but seems "tougher" and it loses leaves really easily like a succulent:confused: I really want some baby tears for the bottom of Omar's cage but cannot find any locally and really don't want to pay for shipping!
  4. nick barta

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    Baby's Tears will not do well in the bottom, they need exposure to a plant light.
  5. qdude46

    qdude46 Member

    I'm positive they aren't baby tears and for the Selaginella kraussiana variegatus, it's safe for pygmies so I'm guessing it is for bigger chams too.
  6. ridgebax1

    ridgebax1 Established Member

    No I know it is not really a baby's tears but that is what the shape of the leaves reminds me of but it is a darker green and the "texture" of the plant actually makes me think of a Rosary vine but the one I am familiar with has a larger heart shaped sort of varigated leaf. But the way the leaves fall off when the plant is handled really makes me think of that plant.
    From researching the selaginella I think it would be safe for a bigger cham as well.

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