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I have two panther chams. Both similar enclosures. One of my New Years Resolution is to give them both a good new enclosure makeover. Before I do that I want to find out why the plants in Charlie's enclosure always seem to look ill or die but in Bloo's enclosure they always thrive. They have the same plant, hibiscus, I bought at the same time from the same store. I even did an experiment and swapped their enclosures for a bit and the same thing happened! Bloo brought the dying plant back to life and Charlies' new lively plant is withering away. ( in the enclosure makeover I plan on getting whole new hibiscuses and moving the current ones into the garden) Does any one know why this is happening?


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You need a 6500k light, I use a 4 foot t8 fixture with 2 6500k bulbs plus a linear uv bulb on all my vivs, the chameleon poo is great fertilizer so is hornworm & silkworm poo & cricket stuff I got a paphiopedilum sanderianum to boost out a new growth and possibly bloom sitting under my chams viv from the runoff from my chams viv, before that it sat dormant, thought it was gonna die


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When I've had a similar problem with pothos, it was because the automatic misters hit the plants differently in each cage, one getting more water. Since hibiscus likes sun, I'd guess the angle of the sun through that window or something similar effecting one over the other. I second salty dog, a good grow bulb will help both hibiscus along :)


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Sounds like a perfect situation for these. If you want it to bloom a little more do a 6500k and a 3000k together. Just make sure you check the temps below the bulbs if you use them. The fans inside blow down into the cage which of my chams that I've exposed to them, have chosen to bask under these rather then their regular basking bulbs. Screenshot_2019-01-04-17-15-08.png
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