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Ok, I have realized what a pain it is going to be with this aquarium, not to mention the adverse effects it could have on my

I am going to put my aquarium in the bulletin board and hope for the best! If anyone lives near me and is interested, just let me know. It is in great condition, except for a small amount of melted plastic from a heat light slipup in one spot.

I hope to avoid having to buy all new equipment, so I wish to stick with my 48" combo light. So I hope there are screen cages available in that length.

I'm going throught all of the posts now and I already have 2 pages written on food and supplements and lighting and humidifying and dripping water.

My first thoughts are to have my screen set on a removable plastic bottom to catch extra water and be able to slide it out and clean it easily.
I would greatly appreciate any input as I understand that problems could arise that I haven't forseen and you guys all have the benefit of hindsite in you purchases.
Any good sites to purchase my screen cage from? Are there different size holes in different screens? Can I get hole small enough that crickets can't escape and lady beetles and ants can't get in?
What haven't I thought of? Tara
Good choice! Good luck with the sell.

On a side note, I had 2 baby chams in a bin like uh, bin :p, and had sticks and branches for them to hide in, with no lid on top, just the 2 lights. I had them in there until they grew up to be able to fit in my screen cage that I built.

Anyways, you can try, umm...
This would be a good choice

Umm, try ebay too.
I have my panther chameleon in an aluminum enclosure like they sell at These kind of cages have plastic inserts that fit inside the bottom of your cage to catch the water from your mister so it's an easy clean up if your potted plant overflows (mine never has though).
Darn, I am on the look out for another aquarium, but you are 3000+ miles away.. :(

Good decision, buying a screen cage though!

Heika offers different mesh sizes, standard or custom sizes and even divided cages. You can order a size to fit your own needs.

yes, I wish you were closer! My husband drives out of town to work every week....NC,KY,VA and other areas usually around 10 or so hours away....but not that far. I can't even imagine what shipping for something like that would be.....
Oh wow..I looked it up estimating it...just the glass part would be like $100
like I said *wow*:eek:

Thanks everybody! I am checking out your recommendations! Tara

Thanks Jenna, for pointing out that a reptarium is different than the screen cage that I want! Tara
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No problem at all. Reptariums are mesh material with a zipper, whereas a screened cage is made with aluminum screening. If I can help more let me know! :)
Blue prints

I have some blue prints of a double cage with removable middle divider that is 48by48by24 inches. I have not made it yet, but it looks easy enough and would be cheaper and better than buying one similar. let me know if you would like me to email them to you, just email me at [email protected]
if you look on ebay look for seller whitenile333.

bluebeastreptile sells nice screen cages. Although reptile depot is not my favorite place they usually have really good prices on the large cages. I got my 2x2x4 from them a few years ago.
Thanks to everyone

wow, what a head is spinning with all of the options...thank you to everyone for the suggestions, recommendations, and offers! I wish I could buy one from everybody! Tara
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