pink panther


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Morpheus at prisim chameleons is the best ankaramy i have ever seen... i bought a baby ankaramy and hope it looks like him just thoguht i would share
Thank you for the compliment Nosy! He really is a magnificent Ankaramy. Pam's is beautiful too.

Heika - I didn't know you had a chameleon named Morpheus?
Heika - I didn't know you had a chameleon named Morpheus?

Yes, I do. He is a blue on red ambilobe.. here he is.


I thought the god of dreams was appropriate for this fellow.. :D

He's awesome :). I also thought God of Dreams (Morpheus) was perfect for my Ankaramy too and it looks they are both deserving of such a name!

I have seen many chameleons that are named the same as some of my breeders. Lancelot is one as well as some others. We think we are being original in our naming only to find out there are many others that have the same ideas or taste :rolleyes:.

I guess great minds think alike :D. He's a beauty Heika!
I agree that panther is a beauty Heika!
BTW I thought I was being original naming my first ever chameleon George (as in Boy George - Karma chameleon) but I find several people name their cham George these days.
jenna maybe you could post some pics of other ankaramys on this thread??? cuz i love looking at em i bought one but hes not colered up yet... and how do you guys take such good pics of your chams?? whenever i try it just comes out blury????
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