Picture timeline of my Kinyongia vosseleri since June 13'


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So I wanted to post a picture timeline of my little guy named Carl. Mostly to show him off :p But also to get reassurance that he looks nice and healthy. I also would like to get a pretty good confirmation of his AGE?

This is my first reptile but I have done a ton of research and I think I am on the right track.

I bought him from a local pet store for 120.00 CDN kind of on a whim. The owner told me he was 3 months old (I think?) I went in with the intention of getting some tree frogs or newts for something smaller to put on my desk. I saw the chameleon and immediately fell in love lol. I bought him and asked a friend who I know owns multiple chams and he referred me to here a little while ago.

Day One:
Notice how skinny he is (you can see his ribs, I was also short on funds at first for a proper meshed enclosure):

About 12 days later, looking a lot more plump and hydrated:

Sometime in July going through his shedding:

After setting up his new meshed enclosure in early August. Since I have put in a better big full umbrella tree, more different sized vines, de-barked cedar branches, baby tears and a 30 w UVB basking light.

Getting ready for bed mid august:

Good Morning ! :D I swear he kept the same face and continued to let out a big poop the second after I took the pic lol

Sometimes he climbs and sits upside down with his belly under the 5.0 uvb

Cool pic on his favorite twig again

Getting all leaf-like here but I thought it was funny how he gets his body all twisty sometimes, very acrobatic lol (mid July). I don't usually let his branches get that dirty

Basking under his new repti-sun 30w

Ready for bed just this past saturday Oct 5th

Thanks for looking!


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No problem, thanks for the replies. I remember going to the zoo as a kid and the one thing I remember most vividly was the chameleons lol. I'm so glad to own one now and just watch him. There fascinating!
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