Picture Time!

Hello all. I wanted to share some recent pics of some of the chameleons in my collection. Enjoy, and please post your own!

Wasabi hanging out...

Wasabi in shed.

Terrified Deremensis

Where did that fruitfly go?

Wait there he is!

Wham yummy!

Mr. Mitiso

Mrs. Mitsio


Jeu-el being shy, looks like a shed coming soon!

Thats all for now, maybe I spend too much time with these guys, Nah!

Fate X

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are they in cages? what kind of branches are those? the pictures look like they were taken in the forest.
Thanks guys,
yes they are in cages. I try as hard as possible to replicate nature as best I can, for the chams health, aesthetics, and photography, in the end though they are cages. The majority of the branches are aged peach tree, and mulberry. I use a variety of different cameras, from DSLR to a point and shoot I keep around the cages. I hand mist at least once daily in addition to my misting system, PM70, for the sole purpose of photography. It is good quality time with the chameleons!

Jeu-el, almost shed out...
Ok Ok one day I will quit saturating you guys with pics, ha!

Yoshi decided to be red the other day and then he just decided to stay red about a week now. Genetics I guess!

and Je-uel posing for her portrait

Now its your turn lets see those chams!
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