Picky Eating habits


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So I've recently been trying to switch my male Veild to dubia roaches from crickets.... he eats then but he does so begrudgingly. He lets them sit in his feeder cup until he cant stand it any more. Ill put in a few crickets in there to see what he does, and he goes crazy and chomps em right up. Ideally roaches are what id like to get him. they are easier to bread and smell a whole lot less. any ideas on how to go about this with out sacrificing my chams health and eating routine. Any and all help with be greatly appreciated.
Sometimes we are just at their mercy when it comes to their feeders. They do not always eat what we would like them too. My chameleon will not eat crickets. I would love him too, as I will not handle roaches and crickets never bothered me as far as their cleanliness. He is 14 months old and for the past 6 months or so he will not eat them. So he is basically on a varied worm diet. He appears to be healthy enough so you just go with the flow and get them what they like as far as I see it.
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