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Hi All it's just me again with another update on our Picasso and to share a couple current pictures of her! After my past post we made all the changes that all you wonderful people said to make because she is a female and not male. It took her a bit to get used to them but she is doing great! My son keeps her basking area around 79-80 from the original 85-86. She now does not spend all day in that area as she did when we first changed it. She is also less angry with my son that he is no longer feeding her everyday - that was a tough one she was set on that daily feeding at like 11 am. I worried a bit at first because was not going to the bathroom as much and not as much urates but that also has evened out. She is about 11 months old today and seems very happy and healthy. Oh we also placed a lay bin at the rear bottom of her set up - we used a dish pan which is 16 x 14 x 8 and have it filled with a mix of playsand and organic soil. Her pothos vines are so long and numuous that it kind of falls down into the bin. She has not laid any eggs and does not appear gravid - yet at this point but my son does think she went through her receptive stage - her colors were beautiful and she was extremely active walking her entire enclosure (except the bottom). She is still pretty active and moves around constantly thoughout the day. I am attaching a couple of pictures of her I took just the other day. She was climbing down one of her vines and just looked so pretty. Thank You again for ALL your help. IMG_5423.jpgIMG_5493.jpgIMG_5497.jpgIMG_5498.jpg
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