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So, just a general inquiry on tips for getting good pictures of the boys. Besides "get a better camera", lol. (p.s I just spelled that "chamera", think I'm spending too much time here?? Haha!)
No, just tips like lighting & whatnot, how to get decent pics in-cage too, Zelig always looks white bleached out by cage lights.
Flash makes them look yellow, I've figured that out.
I don't know, I'm no photographer.
Also - Most of the time, I'm using my iPhone's camera, cause it's always handy. So if you know anything specially applicable to iPhone's settings or tendencies, please share.
On another note, any easy way to get pics from phone to this site without having to hook up to my computer first?
Im kind of into the photography world...
It its always best to not take pictures with flash, because it modifies real colors.
So, what you will have to do its get as much light as possible, and turn off your flash.
If you are using a digital camera, you will need a tripod, or somewhere to place the camera on top. This way, you wont move the camera while its taking the photography and it wont come up with a motion blur.
It would be the same for the Iphone...
What camera do you have? , You dont really need a nice expensive camera to make good shots..
Cameras dont take good photos... actually people are the ones that take the good photos =)
Tell me what camera you have and I might be able to help you a bit more with tech stuff....
What camera do you have? , You dont really need a nice expensive camera to make good shots..
Cameras dont take good photos... actually people are the ones that take the good photos =)
Tell me what camera you have and I might be able to help you a bit more with tech stuff....
Well, like I said most of the time it's my phone. IPhone 4. My daughter has a cheaper i think kodak digital from a couple christmases ago. I forget the specifics cause it was a gift, I didnt pick it out.

What about backgrounds? Would they turn out better against white? Maybe reflect more light that way? Black? Another colour?
Would like blue bring out his blues or compete with them?
i used photobucket app probably a year ago no problems. Dont really update my ipods anymore so couldnt say how good it is. I mean all you do is hit import and its done. Whats not to like.

I also use bluetooth to transfer pictures wireless from cell phones ect. to computers or where ever.
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its always better if you use natural day light... thats much better.
just make sure the sun light isnt infront of the camera, it should be behind you, and dont forget to take care of your shadow too!
The background will depend on what kind of photo you want.... maybe if you want the blue colors to raise up, you can use a background on wich those blue colors make high contrast.
You can also use plain white backgrounds, wich work excellent for me...
On your iphone, you can choose the HDR mode, wich will shoot 3 times with different exposure times, and will combine them and make a good one...
Im not quite sure if it really works well, but I think it should.
Also... dont ever use the zoom, it is always better to get closer to the object than making a zoom.... because you are not actually zooming with a lens, you are doing it digital way and... the camera its just making the image bigger, and showing up all the pixels.
Like I said, its always better to get closer to the objecto. Once you are close enough, tap the iphone screen and select the item you want to focus, and this should give you best focus balance...
If you are not using a tripod dont forget to paralize yourself during the shot :p, otherwise it might come with a little blur.... If theres enough light... this shouldnt be a big issue.
I hope this helps, and I hope I explained myself...(english is not my native language, and im not really good at it)...
also!... dont forget to show us your pictures =)
As for composition, a good rule to follow is the rule of thirds. Split your picture up into vertical and horizontal thirds. Like a tick tack to board

_ | _ | _
_ | _ | _
.. | |
Put your focal point in the center of one of the thirds.
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Cool, thanks guys!
I didn't know about that HDR thing; I'll try it and see how it does.
I know, stupid zoom. Drives me crazy, wish it worked better, sometimes you're trying to be sneeaky, ya know?? Lol.
So instead I've got the phone like inches away from the poor little guy and finally he's like, that's about enough! And he climbs onto the phone!! My husband's phone now has a good shot of Zelig sitting on the top of my phone. Lol. It worked though - I stopped taking pictures. :)
Yeah, usually I've been going out in the hall where there's a white wall, and if its the right time of day I get some light from the window. But evenings I'm pretty screwed. And in the cages it almost never looks good, cage lights wash out their colour.
And yeah im starting to worry I've got some neurological disorder, cause I can't hold my arm still for the life of me!!! Hahaha, holding worms or cameras, nope, I'm shaking like a leaf. So I just take like 40 shots in a row every time. Figure there's gotta be one good one in there. Then I have to chose the best one out of 40 to post here!!!!! Lol.
Has anyone mentioned a light box yet?

I've never used an iPhone so I don't have much for ya there. :eek:
Some real good dslr cameras have great exposure on them and capture pics well, even without very much light, you could get a light with a diffuser on it to get more light in the room without drowning out color, or you could learn a bit of photoshop to clean up the levels, exposure, hue etc!
Photobucket how-to??

Okay, just started a photobucket acct & installed app. Now how do i make pictures come here? LOL. That sounds terrible. But it gave me 4 different choices of links - one says direct, one says img, one says HTML. Which one do I use?
Thanks. Sorry for being so helpless, but I had my guys out today and NEED to show off new pictures!!!!
Use the direct and then use BBcode around it
 img] (no spaces)
Use the direct and then use BBcode around it url here [/ img] (no spaces)[/QUOTE]

Thanks Syn, (that is what the IMG link does) I just tried it in another thread, if you want to check out today's new pics of Zelig, it worked. :)
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