Petri's first time outside


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It finally warmed up enough for me to take Petri, my juvenile femal veiled, out into the sun. I figured I put her in a cardboard box with her favorite plant while I did the weekly cage cleaning outside. It seemed like she enjoyed it. It was about 75*f-80*f ouside. She got up to the highest point of her plant and stayed there. She was opening her mouth for long periods of time though, despite I just gave her a shower. So I don't think she was dehydrated. Her colors lightened up very much. Almost like the colors when she sleeps. She did manage to get out of the box when I wasn't looking and started sprinting across the lawn as I tried to catch her...:p Besides the mouth opening, I think she enjoyed the good hour that she was out there.
Have you seen the episode of the Jeff Corwin Expirience when he goes to madagascar and they do the shot of the cham up close and him running away from it in the distance like it was chasing him. Ahhh, it was good for a chuckle.
thats pretty cool though that spider looks like it could eat the little baby if it got to close.
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