Pet store jackson's gravid??


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So there is this pet store that has a female Jackson's, and I'm curious to know whether or not she may be gravid. Her story is sad so far. From the first time I walked into the store, she seemed stressed as she was housed with a male Jackson's. After about a month, the male jackson's was sold. The female remained there and has been there for quite some time (I'd say for about 4-5 months). I'm against pet stores selling chams cause their needs are hardly met but selling female jackson's seems worse because they don't have horns which make them in less demand than males (at least in pet stores).

Anyways, here are the pictures:
Looks like a big belly. Also eyes look sunk in too.

I attached a picture of a female Jackson's I have seen atva petstore near me for a few months. It's now got an eye issue. All they did was discount her price. So sad to see these things happen. The same store has a female panther and it probably won't be doing much better in a couple months.


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