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something is eating several of my plants, including my butterfly bush, cherry tree, and rose bush.

anyone know of any way to stop this without using pesticides?
have you been able to determine what it is? It may or may not be the same thing. Different insects feed in different ways, some chew from the outside, some in the middle, some in between the leaf tissue. Can you post some pics? Where do you live?

I live in southern Missouri

-the leaves on the plants have a bunch of little holes in them, mostly in between the veins... although I haven't actually seen any insects on them.

I can't post any pictures until Wednesday, because my boyfriend has our camera with him in Alaska. :(

Thanks for the help though, I'll get those pictures up on Wednesday, and maybe someone will know whats going on.
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I bet it's leaf-cutter bees and/ or paper wasps.
They chew the heck out of most of my broadleaf plants....doesn't really
hurt the plant but sure makes them look tattered and ugly.

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