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I don't know we were gone for a couple hours and when we can home my son said what was that? Anyway, we got him to move and he pulled it back in. :) Is this normal? Sandy for Chameleons Northwest said that he was near a female yesterday before he was shipped and was a little excited. Or maybe he was having a good dream. lol


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It is ok. Sometimes males will do that! As long as it goes back in you are ok. You have a problem if it does not go back in for a period of time. It is called a prolapse when that happens and the most important thing is to not let it dry out! I know it sounds weird but you have to put like ky jelly on it and keep it moist and then get him to a vet asap. They have to put it back in. Not sure how they exactly do that! You also might want to get some ky jelly(if you don't already have some lol)!


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A shallow neutral temperatured bath may make him pull his babies in. It shouldn't be any warmer than your skin though. It should not feel warm to you.

If that does not work, apply some ky jelly or other water based lubricant on the hemipenes and make an apointment with your vet right away.


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Thanks for all the advice. He did put in back in when I made him move. Just hope that he doesn't flash us on a regular basis:rolleyes: Other than that he is doing great.
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