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  1. Hey guys I was wondering if any of you knew of a site to buy half clear half screened snclosures for my little guy. If I can't find one somewhere I'll build one. I found ones on dragonstrand but they're not quite what I was looking for. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you!
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    Seems like you are looking in the right place. It is sometimes a bit tricky to find those and the best way to get the exact kind of cage you want is to build them! I think you are doing everything right. Sorry if that wasn't the answer you were looking for :unsure:
  3. Mitch77

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    Look at the Zoo Med Reptibreeze LED Deluxe , the front door is acrylic ,the other 3 sides are screened in.
  4. NorCalAnthony

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    You could grab one of those delux Reptibreeze cages and then attach a cork background to the back with some aquarium silicone. That'd give you a solid front, back, and bottom with plenty of airflow through the sides and top. Besides doing something like that or grabbing a Dragon Strand cage (really top notch) you're most likely going to have to make your own which is only as hard as you want to make it (I went all out on mine lol).
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  5. We're going all out. I talked to my cabinet shop guy and got the ball rolling. Did you Incorporate a drainage system in your build?
  6. Mitch77

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    Just looked at the Dragon Strand cage , they are top quality ! I didn't know he had glass sides to some of them , thanks for pointing them out . I will definitely consider them when the time comes !
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  7. Weebo

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    I have the Dragon strand Large Clearside Atrium. It’s amazing. I went with the giant one but the smaller enclosures are still awesome. The Clearside looks great when you’re looking in at Your Chameleon. You will love it I promise. Here’s a couple pics of mine

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  8. Syreptyon

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    Wow that's a beautiful cage!
  9. Mitch77

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    What a difference that clear side makes. Is it a thin glass, or acrylic ?
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  10. Longhorn1234

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    Sorry to go off topic but where did you get those branches/vines?
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  11. What kind of lighting setup is that? Also what are the dimensions on that cage?
  12. CJ's Exotics

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    I think it is clear PVC. Thin glass would break so easily, I don't think you should get an enclosure with thin glass.
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  13. Mitch77

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    I agree about the glass, and knowing acrylic can scratch up, i wondered, didn't think about PVC at all, and it's more than likely the case.
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  14. Weebo

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    It is a clear PVC material. goes over it all really well
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  15. Weebo

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    The branches I cut off a sycamore tree. I liked the pattern of the bark thought it looked good in the enclosure but you can use other tree branches. The vines are just the large vines from the pet store or even online. I zip tied all the branches together and the plants
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  16. Weebo

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    The lighting I have is a 48 inch quad fixture from I have 3 6500K bulbs and one pro plant bulb for the live plants. Then it has a built in timer and blue LED “moonlight” that I run for half an hour when the day lights turn off. The enclosure is massive, dimensions are 42.25 wide 44.25 high and 22.25 deep
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  17. Weebo

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    And for everyone that’s curious....the Clearside material is uncomparable to the mesh. I had a large reptibreeze enclosure before this and I will never buy anything other than Dragon strand now. Well worth the money and easy for settting up with the Dragon ledges and drainage tray. Everyone should really look up and consider it for a beautiful enclosure
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  18. raven1139

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    I like the all glass exoterra option for unobstructed viewing. Mine is a self contained ecosystem and keeps the warmth and humidity in the dry Colorado climate. Also prevent them from climbing the sides. A5FA0441-6A8F-43D8-AD36-AF74EAE3A732.jpeg 7E653D28-8763-4AA6-A855-48C98AE596AD.jpeg
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  19. Weebo

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    Only problem with these all glass terrariums is poor ventilation for a chameleon. You should really have at least one side open mesh so there is air flow in the enclosure or they are at a higher risk or respiratory infections
  20. raven1139

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    Not true with these, air flows through vents around the bottom. Warm air rises and pulls fresh air in. I have had many screen cages and find glass to be more advantageous. Including they are much better to look at as I find screen cages to be an eye sore. This one is in my kitchen.

    Screen cages have the opposite effect of drafts etc and letting too much heat and humidity.
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