Parson's Chameleon Interview with Craig Durbin


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I wanted to share a special interview on the Chameleon Breeder Podcast on Parson's Chameleons. The Chameleon Forums has been an incredible resource for breeders and keepers of Calumma parsonii to share their experience. And it was here that the first truly successful incubation parameters was shared. Craig Durbin, aka @Action Jackson , has been on the forefront of providing both captive bred specimens and information to the community. He continues that outreach in this episode on husbandry. This is a three part series. There will be episodes on husbandry, breeding, and then a focus on the cristifer subspecies.
What made this interview special for me is how candid Craig is with his successes and challenges. We have made progress, but he shares how little we actually know about this species. Now, with captive bred specimens available, is a great time to join the effort!

You may listen to this episode on your podcast app (just search for the Chameleon Breeder Podcast), the dedicated iPhone app (look for the Chameleon Breeder app), or right here in the Chameleon Forums. Just click the media link below!

And, for ambiance, I submit a picture of Blue. He is my male Yellow-lipped Parson's Chameleon. And when I spend quiet time just watching him I can't help but thinking how much Parson's deserves their place on the "Dream Chameleon" list!

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Becca teach me how to use podcast again. This is one I need to listen to!!! My dream chameleon awaits me, I just need the knowledge!
LOL You should have the podcast app already on your iphone. It looks like this

Click this then you will search Chameleon Breeder with Bill Strand. The show will pop up and click on that. Then you will have the option to subscribe. Every time he loads in a new one it is in my listen now options. But be careful not to miss one because it only shows the most recent one loaded there. :) Easy as that. Or you can always go to to view all of them. This is where I bookmark them on my computer for my use and to give to others. :)


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Oh my gosh, Blue is just staring straight in to my heart and soul!! :love: I cant wait to have a moment to listen to this podcast... maybe I'll play it while I set up Pestos new enclosure tomorrow :unsure:
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