Parasites and how they work


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Hello, i have reptile show coming up the saturday and I'm thinking about getting a t.melleri or 2. I have gone on melleridiscovery and gotten info back in august because this is one of my dream chameleons. I know that mellers most of the time come in heavy with parasites. If i find one that isn't in bad shape i might just get "it".
If fed good and cared for properly will the parasites have a effect on its body?how and why? I read somewhere that parasites only take over the body if the systems are weak and the body is weak is this true?
i am defiantly taking them to the vet to get tested then treated, i just want to understand parasites a little better.
Look for an alert animal. If the eye or eyes are closed, your chances are slim.

They take a long time to get started drinking. LOTS LOTS and lots more water. Seriously, 15 minute drinking sessions will be needed and for the first few days of drinking. I would personally limit it to that also. Once you notice the flaps becoming fuller. I would unleash the beast and allow them as much water as they want. They will drink for ever it seems like.

Take the first stool you see into a vet for analysis and treat.

Edit: Heavy parasite load strip the animal of vital nutrients, affect the immune system, cause organ failure, loss of appetite, etc. Simple collection from the wild can cause enough stress to allow the existing parasite load to over load. It could be from unsanitary conditions. It could be from being housed with other animals. The list can go on and on. How they get them or how existing load become overwhelming can be from many things.
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I just got back from the show there was one mellers for $135 I was going to get him. I asked to hold him and I inspected his body and he was missing a toe, all bloody and a broken foot. I gave him back and said I'm sorry but this is unacceptable, he's got broken limbs and missing nail and walked away!
But I did see a wc sambava panther I was close to buying but had a black nob looking thing on his tail so I passed on him too.
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