Parasite Med Side Effects


Hello everyone,
I have a 4 month old Veiled and I took him to the vet today for a check up and fecal. He was ridden with parasites. The gave me metronidazole and Ponazuril. They started the first round at the vet.

He was perfectly healthy other than the parasites before. Ate well before and after our visit. Now he is practically laying on his basking vine gaping. He does sometimes gape, but this time it looks like his tongue is swollen. I would never see his tongue before.
Any ideas if this is just par for the course?
Is there any remedies you know of that I can do to help him out?

Thank you
Veiled Cham
4 months old
Eats 20 med crickets a day. Sometimes hornworms, super worms, dubias
Light: reptisun 5.0, zoomed 100w basking light
Hydration: dripper 3/4 gal per day, fogger at night now, hand misted 3 times per day. All water drains out. White urates
Supps: Reptivit by monthly, D3 bi monthly, calcium daily
Enclosure: 24x24x48 repti breeze
Temps: 85 basking, 76 ambient
Humidity: 60%

Historically healthy other than the runny fecal that prompted the visit.
He seems to be better this morning. He’s eating but still gaping a little. He may just be trying to dry out from the hornworms yesterday? I stopped by the box store this morning and relayed the parasite problem they have. Hopefully they do something about it. They only had one real little guy in there. Hopefully Geo’s Siblings made it out alive....
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