Parasite cleaning?


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I had three baby jacksons born this past february. They all died within the past 10 days. They always ate, every day, fruit flies and pinhead crickets, watered with automatic mister three times a day, every 4 hours for 3 minutes, kept them in a small size (12x12x18) Exo Terra Rainforest Habitat Kit, temps in the high 70's with adaquate humidity (according to the guage), I only took them outside once so far a couple of weeks ago when the outside temps were around 80 degrees with some wind. Then they just started up dying, the last one I found this morning under one of the plastic plants that came with the kit. Im thinking its a parasite but dont know and want to use the kit again but want to know what is the best way to clean it out properly, do I use bleach or some sort of liquid disenfectant to kill off any possible germs? Im thinking of throwing out the plantation soil and just placing a couple of small live or fake plants with more vines for climbing? any thoughts?
sorry pal=(

as for cleaning, 10% ammonia or boiling water would kill everything. Just don't mix them together
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