Panthers not being too friendly


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So I haven't been on here in a while and I acquired two beautiful panthers. One is a 4 month old nosy be female named Lizzie and the second is a beautiful ambilobe male who is about 5 months. He was a hold back from chameleon paradise and Bruce is the man. But anyway, neither one of them like to be handled or the presence of me. I have my Jackson's who loves me to death. I don't handle any of them often but I want to free range them a few times a week. Lizzie gets all dark in color and hisses, and same with the male. I don't understand why. I'm not around much during the day to Bother them or stress them out and all I want for them is the ability for them to free range. Any thoughts on how I can get them to accept being handled??


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My Panther

I have the same problem with my ambanja panther. I'm just taking it really slow, making sure he sees my hand when the food goes in his cage, once a week i try to hand feed him (it doesn't really work, but he seems less afraid of my hand lately), and hopefully he will be used to me in no time! I'm just nervous because in a few months i will need to move him to a bigger cage, and i cant do that without handling him.
Welcome to the Paradise family! I have a Kandiroo baby who is about 5months and he's very moody. Some times he will act like the nicest little chameleon but if you do something he doesnt like you will be sure to know it! He'll huff or flex but has never attempted to bite. But the longer we've been together the more he's begun to understand me and the move I've begun to understand him and what he likes. At first the only way I got my cham out of the cage was by taking the ladder that he was on and moving it to the free range. Also by hand feeding your cham, your cham will begin to relate food to your hand and become more used to it. After that he slowly began to understand that I was no threat. But the only time I handle him is when I'm moving him to his free range. But if he is being very tame on my hand when moving him, I'll let him hang out until he gets interested in something else then I'll put him in his cage.
We all love pics too!


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Here are three pics of the buggers!


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