Panthers breeding in back seat of my truck!


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So I bought a bigger house/property and was moving the chams over to the new place today. I put the empty cages in the back of my truck and put the chams in the back seat of my Silverado in thier ficus trees. About five minutes into the drive I heard some rustling in the back seat, so I glanced back to see Sniper, my male, putting the moves on the female Cinnamon. By the time I got to the new house they were engaged in full on intercourse. I wasn't planning on breeding them again until next year since Cinnamon already produced a clutch a couple months ago. At least she is fully recovered and even heavier than before the first clutch. I thought only humans got down and dirty in the back seat.
Sniper Is My Idol. Sometimes You Just Need To Add Some Different Scenery Into One's Lovelife. What A Crack Up. You Should Have Told Them To "get A Room"
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