Panther with pretty bad mouth rot..


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This guy is old already about 6 yrs old supposedly I’ve had him around 3 months & he’s kind of a feebile old man , not a great hunter pretty slow & so I sometimes handfeed him crickets already but now he’s got mouth rot & I have never dealt with this before. I just completely cured a horrific case of shell rot in a very fragile species of turtle using high grade manuka honey so I am very inclined to try that here .. I’ve seen some comments in other threads about Chams not being able to metabolize the sugar in the honey on a daily basis? Thoughts? I’ve only applied the honey once since I noticed this yesterday & have been force feeding and watering him (mealworms & crushed crickets for now) ... all the other worms are scarce where I live hard to get.. any advice please I really don’t want to lose him he’s such a nice guy :(
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