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Does anyone have a specific book, website etc. that they feel has accurate comparisons of the many panther species? I am trying to determine what the overall most hardy, smallest and least aggressive toward keeper panther is? Thank you...
We have been thoroughly enjoying all the helpful information on this forum! We have several other reptiles but the chameleon is going to be a big jump in responsibility we do not want to rush into.:confused:
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Unless something has changed recently that I haven't heard, the panther chameleon (Furcifer pardalis) is a single species varying in color throughout the different regions of Madagascar and the surrounding islands.

They don't vary in size much although males are quite a bit bigger than females generally. I don't recommend a female if this is your first chameleon since you have to deal with eggs/egglaying/etc.

Some of the different morphs are said to be more hardy than others....but I haven't kept them all so I can't give you an opinion about which are the hardiest.

Here are some sites with information about some of the different morphs...
Hello, i have found sambava's to be the biggest sized locale of panther chameleons,and the smallest being the ankaramy pink panthers
Panthers in general are not overly agressive towards keepers,and if handled properly you should have no problems,
Im with kinyonga females should be avoided if this is your first chameleon.

This a good link showing all the different locales
Thank you Kinyonga and TreelionsUK! I guess I have already figured out that I need to do more research since I should have said morphs or locale instead of species...sorry. Thank you for you replies and the links to more information, I really appreciate it all!
You could go with a Dwarf Panther, I know that Chris Anderson has one up for sale on the classifieds right now, the latin name is Furciler cephalolepis and I believe that individual was CB.
Mr Legacy. Thank you I will look into this. I appreciate your time.:)
Take care.
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