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Hi Guys,

I am setting up for my first chameleon, i have had a number of reptiles in the past but this is my first Chameleon.

I have a 100gallon flexarium with an Arcadia 160w ceramic reflector clamp lamp housing a D3 Arcadia 100w basking lamp to provide UVB and heat. The enclosure has a 3.5ft Pothos, 3ft Ficus and a 1ft umbrella plant + various branches/fake vines going diagonally (will try and post a pic).

I just wondered if there are to many plants? How to repot them with organic soil. Also do your pots hav holes in? I hav a flextray inside the mesh but dont fancy pooling loads of water and wondered what people did to combat this?
This is the enclosure minus vines/branches. Should i take out the pothos (dragons ivy - the big 1) and just hav it in my loving room or is that ok?


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In my opinion, that's a fine amount of plants. It's a little dense, but it's fine.

How big is the cage? Also definitely add horizontal branches.
Thx for reply. I hav treated sticks and fake vines to cable tie walkways. Will get a basking level mid level and low level as minimum but ill add some steep climbs etc 2.

Ill make a cricket feeder and dripper for food and water.
Its the plant care i am lost on tbh lol
Dripper is easy, just take a water bottle and poke a tiny hole in the bottom. Then unscrew the cap a little bit, allowing the water to drip through the bottom.

Or just buy a little dripper from a pet store.

As for the feeder cup, I use a bird feeder cup

and tie it to the screen with fishing line.

The plants should be easy to take care of. All you really need to do is make sure when you're misting, water the plants a little bit. Or place the dripper on top of one of the plants, maybe even have 3 drippers, one for each plant.

If you feel like there's too much water, cut down on the water.
You can put crickets in a 5-6 inch deep Tupperware and they won't jump out, at least I haven't had any jump out, they can not get enough traction.
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