panther questions


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what is the average size of a panther?
does any1 keep theirs in a 18x18x36? (full grown)
and what would be a considered a small panther? (once again full grown?)
The usally get around 12-24 inches long.

We don't recommend a 2x2x3 cage for males just because they get alot bigger then females and therefore need more space. For a male 2x2x4 is the minimum
Sorry I mean 12-21 inches

They do get that long, you have to include tail, as far as width I don't know :)
From nose to base my panther is 7 inches (couldn't get him to sit still to measure from nose to tail) he will be 2 in November, so I'm pretty sure he's full grown. Last time we weighed him, he was close to 200 grams. I would recommend a 2x2x4 foot cage for a full grown male.
I've noticed that a full grown male also depends on the locale. Some are bigger than other. Also if they are wild caught or not? My wild caught female is bigger than my captive females all ambilobes. Same with my friends male w.c. Is huge compared to my males and other friends. Also all ambilobe
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