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Hi, I'm thinking of getting either a panther chameleon or a yamen chameleon next year. If anyone could tell me the pros and cons of each that would be really helpful and also a list if requirements for each would be amazing. I know I'm asking for alot but it would be so helpful to have all the information in one place. I have experience with leopard geckos and crested geckos but I am new to chameleons


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Both have good "qualities" and bad.

Veileds can be a little more aggressive and less tolerant of handling but they are a little more forgiving if you make husbandry mistakes IMHO

I'd recommend a male of either over a female for a first chameleon so you don't have to worry about reproductive issues.

These might help...
Thank you, I'll have a read of those soon. I know males are easier as they cant get egg bound also their colours are supposed to be nicer I heard
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