Panther night time lows outdoor cage


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So I'm needing to redo my enclosure from a 2x4x4 to a 2x2x4 and it has taken longer than I wanted.

I have the panther, 1 year old, outside in a 18x18x24 hanging butterfly cage.

Tonight the temps are supposed to to drop to the low 50s.

Will this be an issue? Should I go bring the cage inside and risk waking him up in the move? Its away from predators so I'm not concerned about that just the 1 night low temp. Humidity is in the teens here in California right now.


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avoid any temperatures below 55°F due to risk of causing digestive issues and other illnesses. Yes he can survive the night but why risk it. I'd bring him in.

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FWIW, in a situation like this, I'd first ask what locale your cham is from, then check climatological data from that locale. For example, Ambilobe. From


Average Lows for the year in Ambilobe can get down to the mid 60s. So actual lows may be lower.

Going further, (scroll down to Average Hourly Temperature in August in Ambilobe)
Nighttime temps in the early morning dropped into the mid-50sF, but only for a couple hours.
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