Panther Hatching Question

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Michael Ryan, Jul 31, 2010.

  1. Michael Ryan

    Michael Ryan New Member

    How long is the hatching process on average for a panther chameleon? Also is a ficus tree okay for a panther chameleon because ive heard that it contains irritating sap that can hurt my cham if he tries to eat it.
  2. ColorCham427

    ColorCham427 Avid Member

    Ficus are good but Pothos are better. Dwarf Umbrella trees are sweet too, I was never a fan of the ficus plant just because of the weak little branches that crowd up.

    Are you asking how long does it take to emerge out of the egg once it is hatching? Or, incubating time?

    Coming out of the egg once it begins it's journey can take up to a whole day and a half.

    Incubation period depends on the temp. Anywhere from 5-14 months, only heard of one hatching clutch that was just at 5 months from my friend Pam, and only heard of a clutch hatching at a long 14 months a couple times.

    I'd say the average time is around 8 months...
  3. Michael Ryan

    Michael Ryan New Member

    Thanks for answering my question.. yeah i was just wondering how long it took a panther chameleon to hatch out of its egg.

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