Panther female what locality


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Hey everyone I have a female panther shes about 1.5 years old.. I would like to get thoughts from all of you on what type of panther I have here.. the place I bought her from usually deals with ambilobe and nosy b... So what you think.. let me know if I need to take better pics Thanks


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This is why it is important to buy from A breeded that keeps records. There is no way to tell the local of female panthers.There all simular in color, pattern and size.
your guess is as good as ours lol. Well at least you have it narrowed down to 2 locals. Breed her with a nosy be and see what happens lol, if the babies arent all blue then she might be ambilobe :p but you never know, great looking female though :D
Girls dont have enough of a color difference between locales to tell them apart.
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