Panther Chameleon hatching soon!


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Hey guys I'm very new to this so please be patient with me :)

My 9-10 month old panther chameleon egg is showing signs that it's going to hatch soon! Sweating and windowing mainly. So I want to prepare for when he hatches I know I should have already been researching this long ago and should have been prepared in general but for a while since month 8 it wasn't showing many signs of hatching therefore I put it off.

Basically I'd like to know what are some things I should get prepared in terms of enclosure and food and anything else you guys would like to mention. I know it's very crucial to take extra good care of them right after they hatch so if you guys have any tips it would really mean/help a lot. Thank you!


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Alright well for now I'll buy q couple fruit fly cultures and I want to get a set up ready for my chameleon but I'm not sure how big it needs to be so if you can give me some suggestions it would help thank you!


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Dude, the information you're asking for is complicated and in depth. It will take us much longer to walk you through the process than if you were to google the information yourself.


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I literally said any tip you wanna add on would help I'm just looking for a little bit of guidance not an in depth guide and I'm pretty sure telling me the dimensions of a tank wouldnt be hard or in depth but sure I'll figure it out myself


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In the two minutes since I answered you, I've found multiple threads on THIS forum for setups, with many many comments. Maybe you should "chill" and do your research, rather than asking for us to do it for you.


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A non-husbandry tip. I've found that if I google care topics, the results almost always lead back to this forum. That always works better for me than searching the forums directly.


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One trait all successful Cham keepers have is the ability to do their own research and apply what they learned. We are always here for you if you get stuck but ideally you should be doing your own research and attempt to solve any issues you have before you post a new thread.

Once you have done your research and think you have the answer then, yes, by all means ask the forum your question to confirm that you came to the correct conclusion. That is our mission here, to distribute the knowledge and experiences we have had individually to make the Cham keeping community as a whole more effective.

I’m defanitly not trying to discourage you from asking any question you may have, only encouraging you to walk on your own two feet. I think this is a good example of that old saying that we’ve all heard:
Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. But teach him to fish and he will eat for a lifetime...


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Sorry if I came off as rude at first I just had done research and wasn't finding exactly what I wanted. Thank you guys for helping me. After using the sources you guys provided and some sources I found on my own I compiled a list/plan of what im buying. You guys can let me know if I can make any adjustments.

For the cage set up I decided to go with:

Zoo Med's ReptiBreeze open air aluminum screen cage 16x16x20. I want to start off small and buy another cage in the near future for when he outgrows it.

Zoo meds small dripper accompanied by misting myself with a sprayer twice a day (once in the morning once in the evening)

A smaml Schefflera arboricola ( i will be replacing the top half off the substrate since its mixed with fertilizer and will fill the top half with organic soil and put some rocks on top of it. I'm not quite sure if rocks is the best move but hopefully you guys can give me some better suggestions.

The plant will beaccompanied by flukers bendy branches about 2 or 3 sets of them.

A digital thermometer at the top of the cage near the baking area and a hydrometer in the mid portion of the cage.

For lighting I will be using a zoo med mini deep dome dual lap fixture with a zoo med reptisun 5.0 UVB 13 watt mini light accompanied by a zoo med daylight blue 60 watt lamp. I'm not sure if blue lamp is the way to go but I want your guy's take on it let me know please

As for food I will be feeding the hatchling very small crickets for now and will be gut loading them with
Bee pollen
Sweet potato
If theres any adjustments I can make on the gut loading please let me know. I will be feeding him a variety of other insects or worms as he gets bigger like hornworms, butterworms, dubia roaches and superworms.

In terms of his supplements I chose
Zoo med repti Calcium with d3 which I will dust his food with once a week
Zoo med repti calcium without d3which I will dust his food with every feeding or every other feeding not quite sure saw some mixed opinions on this.
Rep cal herptitive with beta carotene multivitamin which I will be dusting his food with once a week.
Like I said I saw mixed opinions on scheduling for supplements so please let me know of I can make any changes.

Again I wanna say sorry for being rude i understand where you guys were coming from I was Ill prepared but I am going to have everything set up before he hatches I guarantee it. Please let me know if I missed anything and thank you again for your guidance!


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You weren’t rude, we just weren’t on the same page...

Reptibreeze- the 16x16 viv is a perfectly acceptable starter cage but honestly you’d be better off buying the 2x2x4 adult cage, he will require one within the next 6 months anyway. I understand your concern with putting a baby in such a large viv, but you can install a drop ceiling in it and just move it up as needed until he has access to the full viv. Just trying to save you money but if you still want the 16x16 that’s totally fine and completely up to you, it will work.

Dripper- every Dripper I’ve ever had was complete garbage, specifically the valves. Most people buy the drippers, open the valves all the way and then attach an adjustable IV drip to the nozzle. They are available on Amazon for less than $20.

Misting- panthers tend to like a good bit of humidity. I’d recommend three 4 min sessions every day but this is just a starting point, you’ll have to play with it a bit to find what works for you. A hand sprayer works but I’d look into a MistKing in the near future, worth every penny.

Plants - good plan everything you said is correct, use larger rocks. I prefer the white marble chips($5) from Home Depot. Remember that live plants really help keep humidity up and that empty space in a viv is wasted space! Fill it up with sticks too, think of them as roads for your Cham.

Thermometer and hydrometer are good but keep in mind that you get what you pay for with these and are critical tools. Spend a few extra bucks and get good ones.

Lighting- absolutely no CFLs, they will kill your Cham. Preferred UVB source for panthers are Linear T5HOs with a 6% UVB bulb. Get a fixture at least 2’ long, preferably with a Arcadia 6% bulb. Basking can be a regular incandescent bulb, no need for special lighting here. Play with the wattages until the temp at your basking spot is where you want it. I don’t introduce a basking bulb to hatchlings until they are at least 1 month old, too easy to cook them.

Gutload- I recommend cricket crack or Bug Burger, both available on Amazon. If you want to do your own see the graphic below.

Supplements- She should be getting calcium dust without D3 at every feeding. Also should be dusting with calcium with D3 twice a month. She also needs a multivitamin twice a month.
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