Panther chameleon care( worth a look)

One ov these panthers below has not been supplemented any way from 3 month old, nor has the feeders been gutloaded. Fed exclusively on locust.
Hand sprayed 2 times a day if he remembered.. No live plants in the Viv or no shaded parts, lighting is t5 suspended 12.5 inches above the highest perch.. Can u tell witch one it is????
It's crazy to think that's its done very well considering the factors. How is this possible?
Discussions would be good

Let me know your thoughts on this and your guess?! :)

Tough to tell by just the pictures, but I would agree that the first one does look a bit dehydrated. I would be more concerned with what could be wrong on the "inside" due to possible issues with nutrition. This wouldn't necessarily be visible from a photo. Not to say that there is a problem. Remember, if an animal is weakened by lack of nutrition it will be less able to fight off infections or disease if exposed. Probably just lucky so far. :rolleyes: Definitely not the ideal conditions ;).
Just a guess but i would say #1 also due to the dull look in color and eyes look a lil sunk in im no perfesional tho
I have zero experience with Panthers but I am gonna say #1. He just doesn't look healthy. Not only are his eyes sunken in he just looks dull and unwell...
I would wanna say the nosy be cause his arms and legs look a bit on the thin side...
But the ambi does look a bit on the thin side too...:confused:
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I would wanna say the nosy be cyz his arms and legs look a bit on the thin side...
But the ambi does look a bit on the thin side too...:confused:

I took another look and I say either the first or the last one the other 2 look pretty good.
To the OP mbd usually occurs when a chameleon is still growing If the bones don't have enough of the right vitamins but you can still see the effects on the body even though they're not severe.
i’m not going to guess based on these photos, but i’ll tell you what—had you shown xrays to me of all 5 chams i’ll bet i could pick it out in a second…..
Thanks for all your input the right answer believe it or not is number 3, he is the brother to number 1, the other chams 1, 2 and 4 get the same level of care ie, misted 5 times a day calcium every other feed, d3 and vits given monthly, fed on varied diet of course gutloaded on different greens.
A link to numbers 1's growth
And also a link to number 1's care witch all my chams receive.
Just to add his eyes and fat pads have always been the same

Am can't believe number 3 is like that nice a bright and fires up lovely he's very active, his eyes are plump and fecal is normal nice a white. As also the top of his head is fine.

Without the same photo of each it'd be hard to guess. #3 does look good, but I wonder the other factors involved. What do the locusts eat? How often does it go in the sun
The locust are bought and fed off straight away. He's had no real sun what so ever, am finding this remarkable, I have baby's from both brothers and I will hold a few back and grow one on like number 3 and grown one on normal Cham care just to see the outcome.

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