panther breeding


Hi all, i've been trying to breed my panther chameleons with no success, I think i've got everything right, temps spot on, 12inch deep laying pit, but when ever I stick the male in her enclosure she rejects him every time. ive tried many times always try on warmest days have t5 lighting just nothing seems to happen
Try introducing her to him. sometimes they will work unless he's overly aggressive. my last mating I had to take him and her out On a bush in the front yard, and it worked like a charm. Neighbors prob thought I was crazy sitting there with binoculars watching them. :DAlso, is she showing receptive colors, can u post a pic of her?
she never really shows any other colours, what colour should u be and what might be going wrong to stop her being receptive
She should be more of an overall peach color with no bars - at least that's what my girls usually look like.
I generally introduce the male into the female enclosure, other folks do it differently.
Here are Aristotle & Athiena from earlier today:

she'll have a uniform peach/pink color, one day you come Home nd she'll look different. What r your temps for her ambient, and basking?
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