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i am new but i have had a chameleon for about 3 months and he seems like he is in good health but his face is pale his body and tail are normal colors and he eat good and drinks good and is very active :cool:
Hi Fattire

I like your name ;) good drink.
What kind of cham do you have? What is your cage enviroment like (temp/humid)? Is there any way you can post a pic of your chameleon?
verry good drink thank you

i have a vailed he is about 7 months old he is in a 2 foot wide by 3 feet tal cage i live in centeral illinois so i dont really know the humidity but i spray the cage 3 times a day temp in the house is from 60 to 70 but he has a heat light that cost me 30 dollars and a uvb light bulb that was 30 dollars to and at night he has a red low light heat light i dont know how to post pics but i will find out thanks
I highly recomend getting a temperature and humidity guage. It is important to know these values. You can get them pretty cheap from pet stores or online stores. I have kept veilds before, and do not think I have seen their face being more pale than the rest of their body. Good to hear he is active and eating/drinking.

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Hmmm, I think you might not have...

1- Enough heat for basking, what watt are you using?

2- Pale face is from dehydration or over dose of calcuim. Or I read from cold nights.

3-Brads right, with veiled you MUST have the gauges to see what the levels are.

4-Are you using a flouresent* bulb? What kind?
he is doing good know i adjusted a few things thanks but i also have a nother question he seems to be sheading funny it is comming off in little 1 inch patches i didnt know if that was a problme or not also i was wondering what kind of vegitable or fruit they can eat i heard you could feed them graps but i have not tried that yet
nice colors :D You should enter him in the [THREAD=104]monthly contest[/THREAD].

About the shedding, the first thing that comes to mind is humidity. What are your current levels? You might want to raise it a little while he is shedding.

Veiled chameleons will eat different kinds of vegies and fruits. I have had the most success with collard greens and sliced strawberries. Clip them to the side of the cage.
are you in colorado. I see the fat tire and wonder. I was born and raised in fort collins and know the family that brews fat tire and love there pale ale.
i live in illinois where we do not have fattire but i lived in larmie wy for a year that is forty miles north of fort collins in 04. but i have been going to shows for the last ten years and they allways have it there i had a nother questoin when my chameleon sheads he sometimes eats his sheading on the ground befor i can get them out just wondering if that was ok or not
when my chameleon sheads he sometimes eats his sheading on the ground befor i can get them out just wondering if that was ok or not
I don't think it would be a big problem, as long as it has not been sitting around too long. Harmful bacteria could grown on the dead skin, so always better to get it out as soon as possible.

Im not a 100% positive about this, but ive seen panthers eat there shed and was told by someone i asked, it maybe a lack of calcium in there diet but like i said im not sure about this maybe someone like chris anderson could clarify this
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A lot of lizards eat their shed for its calcium content. I don't think their doing so is due to a lack of it, more just as a boost in it. With chameleons, I've seen them eat their shed and if you notice, you often don't see much of the reminants of a shed so I suspect it is a rather common occurance.

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