Pacific NW breeders/experienced keepers?

Are there any folks in Oregon/western Washington/NorCal who either breed or count themselves as more experienced keepers who'd be down to have visitors?

As part of my research into chameleons, I'm trying to see chams and their home environments in person as much as possible. Unfortunately, this has so far meant visiting local mom and pop pet stores. The ones I've visited have actually all been pretty good as far as reptile stores go, but still a far cry from what (I presume) are normal conditions. I've also gotten to meet a woman and one of her chams in person, but I didn't get to see how she keeps them in her house, although she did describe her free range set-up in detail. I will say the appearance and demeanor of her cham was radically different from all the others I've seen. I assume because he has less stress since he doesn't live in a pet store. But maybe I'm just imagining things.

Is it customary for prospective customers to visit a breeder?
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