pablo in the sun.


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here is my 7 month old veiled chameleon pablo...






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He looks really good!
Get him out in the sun as much as makes them so happy...improves appetite, and wards off MBD.
Good job with your guy!

I feel ya on the panther. I've wanted a female ever since mine passed........... used to having 2 :(. Which type of panther interests you most?

i realy like the sambava and tamatave(think thats how you spell it). then come the ambanja and nosy bes. since my favorite color is blue. i also have been looking at some diegos. they are very nice looking but not as easy to find. hows about you?
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Your tattoo is long did that take? I really would like to consider getting an Ambilobe.. Of course I love the Nosey Be's, and the coolest looking cham we ever had was an Ambanja. The Sambava's and Tamatives are cool too! I wonder which female shows the most color variation humm..... I had a Female Sambava, and she was pretty much orange w/green hues most of the time, and when she was mad she got black to brown coloration.
it took about 6 hours. i will probaby get and ambanja next. i think they are underestimated. now by we do you mean your husband? (if so thats bad ass that your man is into chameleons like you are. gotta be nice!) as for females i have seen a few that were different colors than peach and brown. ive seen some greenish looking one but thays about it. i just checked out vega on your profile. good lookin chameleon. i jus love that color blue.
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That is a long time... Ohh now I think I remember seeing a blue phased female ambanja bright blue now that was HOT! Actually my man is the one that got me in to chams yeah we co-own Vega so it's not so bad as far as expenses go, but obviously I am the one who is obsessed w/the cham and I handle most of his care besides the shot, I don't want him hating me 4 that! Thanx for the compliment on Vega! I am hoping that a new cam might find a home w us next weekend after the FIRE reptile show in Orlando....but we will C.
well i hope it works out. you going to get another female? im tryin to talk my girl into letting me get anothor one.
Thanks, yea prob. I would love to have one of each so that the female can choose her mate!!! But we will C...I don't know. Bout to post some pics of my old Veiled, Yemen if u wanna check him out....
No man he died died like a year and a half ago. He was a blue phased Veiled....but I didn't have a decent camera before he died :mad:
that sucks. well im sure if he was anything like pablo then he was a great little guy. wish they had reptile expos near me. now that texas made all those bullsh*t laws herpatology is gone. i got to go to arizona or las vegas. send pics of the new little one if you get her.
Wow that does stink that you have no shows.....ordering isn't so bad, but going to the expo to look at the different chams/set-up/breeders etc. is deff preferable. I will surely post pics if/when:confused: it happens.
yea have fun, probably not this summer but next summer i might check one out. they seem pretty cool. but unfortunatly i do have to order since i cant find any breeders in my area. youd think some one in dallas bred chameleons but not that ive found.
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